The Scholarship Program

The Dunstan Wai Memorial Charitable Foundation (DWMCF) provides full tuition scholarships for secondary and tertiary education to girls in conflict affected areas of South Sudan and northern Uganda, whose families cannot afford to pay for their education.

Students are selected on two criteria—need and academic promise. Between 25 and 30 new students are selected annually on the basis of the primary school examination results and the careful screening by the DWMCF Administrator. Despite the turmoil that has engulfed the region in recent months, DWMCF host schools have remained open, providing an oasis of hope and continuity for the students.

Our accomplishments are the result of the generosity of our donors, and for that we are extremely grateful.  We take pride in the continuing increase in the number of our scholarship awards and in the better-than-average rate of girls who complete secondary school.  Our belief is that this investment goes far beyond educating each individual child, positively impacting not only her economic and social progress, but also the well-being of her family and the whole community.