Scholarship Administrators

It is with the tremendous help and support that the DWMCF Scholarship Administrators continually provide to the Board of Directors, providing valuable insight and updating us on the situation on the ground, that we are able to implement our programs and support our scholarship recipients. Since 2006, DWMCF has had the pleasure of working with four Scholarship administrators, under whose influence we have been able to grow our network of host schools, expand our funding area and increase the scope of our Scholarship Program to also benefit students in tertiary education. Our Scholarship Administrators act as liaisons between the students, their parents and the DWMCF Board of Directors; striving to empower the DWMCF scholarship recipients while serving as mentors.

We give thanks to our past Scholarship Program Administrators as they remain a valuable part of the DWMCF family

Secondary School Scholarship Program Administrators
Sister Lorena Ortiz 2017

Sister Margaret Wanja 2015-2016

Sister Rosa Escobar 2013-2015

Sister Susan Amony Atube 2012

Sister Lily Grace Akedi  2008-2011

Sister Caterina Crimmelli 2006-2007

Tertiary School Scholarship Program Administrators
Sister Lily Grace Akedi 2011-present