Our Mission

Granting access to girls seeking education through financial assistance, the Dunstan Wai Memorial Charitable Foundation strives to uplift the academic development of African girls and women who endure the greater burden of cultural and financial constraints.  It is our mission to encourage girls who show academic promise, but lack the funding to attend or complete schooling. The Wai Foundation seeks to address the overwhelming gender disparity in school enrollment in one of the world’s highest female illiteracy zones.  With a female literacy rate as low as 19% (UNESCO), South Sudan is in the top five of the highest female illiteracy zones globally. Whereas, its neighbor to the south, northern Uganda, is home to the highest female literacy rate in Uganda as a whole. However, poverty, gender bias, cultural obstacles as well as fear and instability due to conflict have caused parents in both nations to be resistant to sending their girls to school. In both regions, this has led to a distinct gap in enrollment, retention and completion rates between boys and girls. The Wai Foundation believes that gender equality in education will lead to a brighter future for all.